LP Series RO Water System

We offer a specially designed range of reverse osmosis systems matching the capacity of the humidifiers. Demineralised water prevents wearing of the transducer and scaling inside of the humidifier water reservoir.

The LP series is fitted with a high-quality (Dow Chemical) Membrane. Working on the principle of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.), the membrane only allows water molecules to pass through. A flushing system prevents clogging, increases the service life of the membrane and improves performance.

Two preliminary filters are positioned ahead of the membrane: a 5 micron pre-filter and an active carbon filter. A buffer tank is also included in the delivery. This tank will supply additional water whenever the humidifier is consuming more than the osmosis system is able to supply.

The use of demineralised water is recommended with ultrasonic humidifiers for the following reasons:

  • Any minerals, salts and bacteria that enter the humidifier will cause the water reservoir to become polluted. The integrated flushing program will delay this process but will not prevent it entirely. Depending on the quality of the added water, the water reservoir will eventually become blocked. As a result, the energy of the transducers will no longer be effective, and they will wear out more quickly. 
  • The minerals and salts (calcium) present in city water will end up in the area to be humidified and could cause annoying deposits of dust. 
  • Any bacteria present in city water (Legionella) could multiply easily in the relatively warm water in the humidifier and could thereby constitute a health hazard.

Features and benefits

  • Pre water filtration (sediment & carbon)

  • Operates on city water above 1 bar

  • Automatic low pressure cut off

  • High temperature cut off

  • Buffer tank included

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