Constant and even humidity levels allow plants to thrive.
Both humidity and evaporative cooling are essential to seedling development and healthy plant growth. Precise control can help eliminate the dangers of plant pathogens.

Greenhouse Humidification

Maintaining consistent humidity levels in greenhouses provides a comfortable environment in which plants can thrive. Enhancing ventilation, maintaining humidification, and ensuring proper cooling can aid in seedling development and healthy plant growth.

The most common issue regarding greenhouses is the combination of low humidity and high temperatures. When humidity drops below 30% RH, serious issues can occur, including stunted plant growth and slowed photosynthesis. Just like with low humidity, high humidity levels can also affect greenhouse plants. Oedama, edge burn, soft growth, mineral deficiencies are among many of the issues that can occur due to high humidity. However, high levels of humidity most commonly encourage the development of disease outbreak which can be very dangerous and harmful.

Greenhouse Considerations

Irrigation is crucial for plant hydration and health, however it is an insufficient solution for overheating and can be potentially dangerous to your plants. Watering plants directly and abundantly to make up for the high temperatures and low humidity levels may result in the growth and spread of mold spores.

Greenhouse humidity control is vital to preventing the spread of disease. It is important to keep in mind the movement of the air, and ensure you have proper ventilation of the air to prevent the buildup of plant pathogens, such as fungi and bacteria, which manifest in still air conditions.

A Condair Solution For Your Greenhouse

Condair’s humidification and evaporative cooling solutions are perfect for maintaining and creating the perfect environment for plants without wetting. This will aid to achieve the plants maximum potential.
Condair’s full line of products can meet the needs of any size and complexity of greenhouse. Our nozzle humidification systems allow you to create different conditions in various zones in your greenhouse; our nozzles can be placed exactly where you need them for precise humidity control and evaporative cooling.

The Benefits of Precise Humidity Control & Evaporative Cooling

The advantage to growing plants in a greenhouse is that you can control all the environmental factors: temperature, air flow, and even moisture content in the air. Condair humidification and evaporative cooling solutions can offer the following benefits to your plants:

  • Improve plant quality & uniformity 
  • Increased germination 
  • Reduces stress on plants by eliminating the excesses in humidity & temperature 
  • Speed up plant growth 
  • Protect from freezing and heat shock 
  • Eliminates the spread of disease 
  • Increase general productivity of greenhouses 
  • Improved working environment for people

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