Tea producion humidification & humidity control

A humid climate favours tea growth in the plantation and the right relative humidity level is essential to convert the picked leaves into quality tea during processing. 

During oxidation (also called fermentation), careful control of temperature and humidity is particularly important. This process provides the right conditions for the polyphenols in withered leaves to develop into the theaflavins, thearugibins and other compounds that create the characteristic flavours and colour of black teas, Pouchong and oolongs. 

If leaves dry, oxidation slows as water is required for the process. An ambient relative humidity of 95-98%RH at 20-26°C is required to maintain fermentation, and even a small drop in humidity level will affect the process, reducing yield. 

Humidification of other stages, such as in tea bag production to reduce electrostatic problems, also improve productivity.

Tea drinking is growing internationally, and consumers want quality and choice. Together with trends like Fairtrade and direct sourcing in forward contracts, producers are under more pressure than ever to fulfil quotas at the desired quality.

If you can't rely on the climate to provide the right conditions naturally, humidification from Condair is proven to provide a consistent and profitable production environment. 

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Benefits of Condair humidification in tea production include:

  • Guaranteed high humidity (95-98%) for fermentation / oxidation, whatever  the outdoor conditions
  • Evenly spread moisture throughout traditional floor and tray fermentation rooms, and consistent RH in CTC fermentation - major advantages compared to traditional spinning disk humidifiers 
  • Reduced leaf discolouration and spotting - reduced waste, higher yield 
  • Pre-fermentation humidification of rolling and cutting - reduces drying of broken edges
  • Faster machine speeds and reduced dust creation in teabag production though electrostatic elimination
  • Confidence in your investment - Condair has a strong record of improved quality, productivity and rapid return on investment in the tea industry 

Our tea processing and packing clients include:

  • Bartleet Group - Sri Lanka
  • Lumbini Tea Factory - Sri Lanka
  • Peak View Tea - Sri Lanka
  • Gunawaredena Tea Factory - Sri Lanka
  • Uruwala Tea - Sri Lanka
  • Nilwala Tea Factory - Sri Lanka
  • Atambagahwila Tea - Sri Lanka
  • Brooke Bond - UK
  • Bajrang Tea Factory - India
  • Goodricke - India

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