Condair offers you a 'one-stop solution' for building automation control products

Condair is the exclusive Australian distributor of Kele USA, a leading supplier and manufacturer of building control sensors and devices for the HVAC and building automation industry.

With access to over 238 manufacturers and 1000’s of products, we can supply almost any device to interface with your building automation system. We carry a large variety of products in our Sydney warehouse for immediate delivery and have a weekly shipment to meet those urgent needs.


Sensors (RTD), Transmitters and Thermistors

We offer a wide variety of temperature sensors, transmitters and thermistors that can be used for all kinds of applications.

Whether you're looking to install these sensors in the server room, a new building on campus, or a manufacturing plant, you'll find a sensor to suit your needs.

Choose from a variety of leading brands such as Precon, Siemens, Kele, Honeywell, Greystone Energy Systems, Mamac etc.

If you have difficulty in finding the right sensor, send us an email or phone and our team will assist you.


Transmitters, Humidistats and Dew Point

Humidity sensors for building automation and HVAC from 16 different manufacturers. Sensors with combined humidity and temperature, dew point, duct, room and more with accuracies of +/- 1,2 3,&5%RH


Switches, Transmitters, Differential Pressure

Our range of pressure transmitters & switches cover a wide range of applications from wet/wet to static pressure, We supply brands you trust from 13 different manufacturers - like BAPI, GE, Johnson Controls, and Setra.


Switches, Transmitters, and Leak Detection

A wide range of level transmitters, switches and leak detectors allow you to select the ideal product for your application.

Power Monitoring and Protection

Current Switches, Current Transducers and Current Transformers

Choose from the top brand names in power usage monitoring and electric system devices, including Veris, Honeywell, WattNode and Kele’s self-manufactured power monitor.

We offer all of the essential devices to help you achieve authentic protection and precise monitoring for your application, plus our technical support team can assist you in selecting the right monitor solutions for any BAS project.

Gas and Weather Sensors

Carbon Dioxide (Co2), IAQ, Wind Speed & Direction

Are you looking to buy a gas sensor for your BAS needs? Whether you're looking to install a gas detector in a manufacturing plant, restaurant, hospital, or large office building, we have gas and specialty sensors that fulfill your requirements. 

We supply all kinds of sensors including Co2 sensors, smoke detectors, PH/Conductivity transmitters, refrigerant gas monitors and weather sensors, i.e. wind speed, wind direction and rain monitoring.