NKBD Series for in-duct humidification

The NKBD series is designed for in-duct applications, made of hygienic stainless steel and equipped with an auto-drain flushing system.

The NKBD Series is ideal for in-duct and AHU applications, constructed of hygienically impeccable stainless steel and equipped with an automatic flushing system AquaDrain to prevent water stagnation for optimum hygiene. 

The mist flutes are made of plastic with integrated drip catchers, easy connections for water, drain and electrical. With automatic control of the water level, dry-running protection, overheat protection, protection against overvoltage peaks, overflow protection, disconnection protection makes the NKBD ideal for integration in ducted air systems.

Single unit output ranges from 3.60 kg/h to 25.2 kg/h for higher output requirements,.  Several NKBDs can also be connected and combined to form humidifying groups and can therefore be used in a flexible way.

Control is via standard modulating control signal e.g. 0-10 VDC, 0-10 mA, 4-10 mA and also available is MODBUS high level interface for building automation systems .

A reverse osmosis water supply is used which removes bacteria, calcium build-up and nutrients from the water, therefore ensuring the highest hygiene level is maintained.

Features and benefits

  • Ultrasonic oscillating circuit with 1.7 MHz exciter frequency

  • Integrated fuse and temperature monitoring of the power transistors

  • Power control via pulse width modulation (PWM) for greater control accuracy

  • Electrical power connection 48VAC to lead-through terminals for wire up to 25mm²

  • Enclosed power supplies available for all models

  • Connects to standard control signals, e.g. 0-10 VDC, 0-10 mA, 4-10 mA

  • Possibility to connect a safety chain

  • Automatic control of the water level, dry-running protection, overheat protection

  • AquaDrain: integrated hygiene management for cyclical flushing of the water tank via pre-set parameters

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