JetSpray compressed air & water spray humidifier

The JetSpray provides very accurate humidity control directly to a room's atmosphere using a combination of compressed air and water. A series of strategically located nozzles provide consistent humidity throughout the space.

The use of compressed air ensures very rapid moisture evaporation, without the risk of wetting or drips, and highly directional spray aerosols.

The JetSpray is available in 60L/h and 600L/h capacity models. The 600L/h model is available with on/off control or fully modulating 0-100% output for highly accurate +/-2%RH humidity control.

Self-cleaning nozzles enable the humidifier to work with any potable water quality without the need for a demineralised supply. Its fan-free design ensures robust operation in dirty, dusty industrial environments with minimal maintenance.

The JetSpray nozzle contains a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents blockages. Installation is easy and can be carried out by any competent HVAC contractor without the need for special tools. It incorporates standard plumbing fittings and can be supplied with stainless steel, copper or plastic pipework.

Features and benefits

  • Robust self-cleaning operation ideal for industrial use
  • Provides accurate and consistent humidity across an area
  • Very low energy use and operating costs
  • Can run on mains, softened or demineralised water
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 0-100% modulation for close control

Projects where the JetSpray has improved productivity include:

Condair JetSpray humidifies at Fujifilm

A Condair JetSpray humidification system is maintaining an ideal 40-60%RH (relative humidity) at the Fujifilm Imaging and Innovation Centre in Bedford, UK. The...

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JetSpray makes fish factory $1M per year

Condair’s JetSpray humidifier is helping refrigeration equipment specialists ICS Cool Energy increase profits at a leading worldwide brand of canned fish by $1...

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JetSpray reduces carcass weight loss

Condair’s JetSpray humidifier is helping abattoir equipment specialists, GM Steel, reduce carcass moisture loss after slaughter by up to 1.5%. By maintaining a...

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Printing perfection with JetSpray

Humidifier maintains ideal humidity at John Watson & Co, the oldest printing company in Scotland. Ideal for the printing industry, the Jetspray reduces static ...

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