Condair Group acquires Aireven

Condair Group AG (Head Office of Condair Group based in Switzerland) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Aireven Pty Ltd in Australia, which from 1st August 2018 has changed its company name to Condair Pty Ltd.

The acquisition of Aireven in Australia continues the strategic forward integration of Condair into promising geographic markets, as well as the global strengthening of its humidification and evaporative cooling business.

Condair has been represented in the Australian market for more than 40 years and since 2001 through Aireven and its owner Kevin Cronin. The company is well positioned in industrial and commercial humidification and in-duct evaporative cooling.

“Condair is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of humidification and evaporative cooling equipment,” said Kevin Cronin, who continues as Managing Director of the new entity. “Aireven has played a large part in creating and growing this foothold, as the exclusive distributor in Australia for Condair humidification solutions. The acquisition is a logical step forward for Condair in Australia and we are now strategically well positioned for further growth and expansion into the Australasian market.”

“For nearly 20 years Aireven has delivered to its customers the very best solutions for their humidity control requirements. We have done so by offering reliable expert technical advice, alongside a comprehensive range of high quality humidification and evaporative cooling systems and a service committed to customer satisfaction. Under the new ownership, Condair’s mission in Australia is and always will be to maintain this high level of performance and to positively lead and develop the humidification industry. Being an integrated member of the Group will strengthen our competitive position and give us access to additional marketing, sales and service expertise from other regions and countries. We are pleased to become part of Condair Group and look forward to further growth in key markets and industries throughout the region.”

Condair Australia offers the entire Condair humidification and evaporative cooling range to its customers with a comprehensive service of advice, design, supply, commissioning and maintenance as well as a reliable spares supply. Additionally we will continue to provide the “Wellness” steam bath range of Nordmann humidifiers and the ultrasonic product portfolio from Contronics.

Condair Pty Ltd’s head office is based in Sydney with an additional sales office in Melbourne.

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Kevnin Cronin, Managing Director, Condair Pty Ltd

"We are pleased to become part of the Condair Group and look forward to further growth in key markets and industries throughout the region." Kevin Cronin, Managing Director Condair Pty Ltd

All of the Aireven team will be staying on with the rebranded Condair Pty Ltd


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