Condair shows latest dehumdifiers at ARBS 

ARBS 2022, MCEC Melbourne, 16-18th August 2022, stand 607-608-609

Condair, the world’s leading humidity control specialist, will be exhibiting its recently extended dehumidifier range at the forthcoming ARBS 2022 exhibition on stand 607-608-609.

The Condair range of dehumidifiers now includes additional desiccant models, wall and ceiling-mounted condensing models, including condensing solutions for swimming pools of all sizes.  Ian Eitzen, Managing Director at Condair Pty Ltd, comments, “Condair now has one of the most comprehensive ranges of commercial dehumidifiers available in Australia. We are able to offer both desiccant and condensing technologies across a broad range of capacities and options, allowing us to design the most appropriate system for any project.”

Alongside the dehumidifiers, on the stand will be Condair’s well-known range of world-leading humidifiers. Condair is able to offer solutions across a wide spectrum of technologies, with a product portfolio which includes adiabatic, electric self-generating steam and ultrasonic humidifiers, for either in-duct or direct in-room humidification applications. Ian Eitzen continues, “Continuous investment in humidifier product development has enabled Condair to stay at the forefront of the industry. Products such as the Condair RS steam humidifier, with its patented lime-scale management system, or the more recently developed Condair US ultrasonic humidifier, will all be on display at the Condair stand. We are looking forward to meeting existing and future customers to discuss any humidity control or evaporative cooling related requirements.”

Condair Pty Ltd is a member of the Condair Group, and offers system design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares support for most humidity control applications.

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