Expert technical advice on humidifier specification

Humidification Selection and Design Bureau

Condair’s Humidification Selection and Design Bureau provides expert advice and guidance to HVAC consultants specifying humidifiers and evaporative cooling systems.

Many factors influence correct humidifier specification. Some are obvious, such as the available energy source, and some not so, such as water quality or the cost of maintenance.

Having Condair support you on your humidification system's specification will ensure all elements have been fully considered by experts who specialise in this niche field.

Technical guidance will be provided on:

  • Psychrometric calculation
  • Duty sizing for the specific application
  • Duct section length for optimum absorption without wetting
  • Steam distribution system selection for required absorption distance
  • System layout for hygienic and efficient operation, and ease of maintenance
  • Selection of associated components, such as sensors
  • Run cost analysis with maintenance and energy cost projections
  • BIM models supplied for selected equipment (when available)
  • Estimated system cost

Benefits for you and your client

For most consultants, humidification projects do not occur frequently, so it’s difficult to build-up the expertise needed to avoid the many potential design errors that can occur.

Support by Condair's Humidification Selection and Design Bureau removes the risk of specification errors, saves you time and money, and eliminates potential project issues with clients and contractors.

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