Condair EL steam humidifier with fan unit

This electrode boiler steam humidifier provides humidification directly to a room's atmosphere. Its fan unit can provide up to 45kg of steam per hour making it ideal for direct room applications such as laboratories, printers, bikram yoga studios or manufacturing facilities.

The fan unit can be mounted directly on top of the humidifier or remotely and connected to the humidifier with an insulated steam hose.

The Condair EL is easy to install, simple to use and very reliable. It operates on regular mains water and incorporates many innovative features to ensure long operational periods between service requirements. When limescale build-up reaches a high level, the disposable steam cylinders are easy to remove and replace, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Automatic water conductivity monitoring and staged electrode use improves the efficiency of the cylinders while a pumped drain removes limescale from the system minimising service requirements.

The Condair EL incorporates the latest touch screen technology to provide intuitive control and advanced reporting features.

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