PureFlo reverse osmosis water filter for humidifiers

The PureFlo RO water filter removes minerals from a humidifier's supply water to prevent internal limescale build-up during operation and reduce humidifier maintenance.

Energy consumption in steam humidifiers is improved by reducing the amount of hot water sent to drain to combat mineral concentration. As the humidifier drains less the water level is more consistent and therefore a more accurate humidity control is achieved.

The PureFlo RO is an all-in-one water treatment system requiring no associated pumps or tanks to operate. Three models supply 100, 250 or 500 litres of demineralised water per hour at a supply pressure of up to 3 bar.

The system has a typical total dissolved solids rejection rate of up to 95% and a very high recovery rate, delivering up to 50% of the supply water as RO water.

The unit comes complete with a 3-stage pre-filtration assembly that removes chlorine and any non-dissolved particles down to one micron. A large 23 litre water tank provides demineralised water on demand and four pressure gauges show inlet water pressure, filtration pressure, pump pressure and outgoing water pressure.

Features and benefits

  • Virtually eliminates scale build-up in humidifiers
  • Reduces humidifier maintenance time and cost
  • Reduces energy consumption of steam humidifiers
  • Enables precise humidity control
  • Extends humidifier life

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